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Warehouse Blowout Deals

As part of the transition of Fowl Foolers to selling decoy components only, the warehouse received a thorough cleaning and our staff found a variety of inventory that needs purchased. Check out our blowout items at discounted prices and purchase them before someone else does. Once they are gone - they are gone!

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Fowl Foolers Pre-Painted Heads

Pre-Painted Heads



Hunting Accessories

Hunt Access.

Misc. Heads

Misc heads

These are generic wooden and blow-molded plastic heads that are not engineered to fit perfectly with a Fowl Foolers™ body. These heads are great for crafts and artwork. These have been stored in our warehouse for a number of years and may include dirt on them, thus why we are offering at a discount. Do not expect them to look brand new. If you would like to purchase an official Fowl Foolers™ head built specifically for hunting experts and to fit our Fowl Foolers™ bodies, visit our Shop or click here to view a limited selection of pre-painted inventory.  

Misc. Decoys / Bodies

Misc Decoy/Bodie
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