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New to Decoy Construction? Or just need some Fowl Foolers tips to get started?

Fowl Foolers Launch Pad

Premium decoy components to build your own premium decoys. Hunt with the best, forget the rest!

Instructions to Build a Waterfowl Decoy Kit

Let adhesive dry. If using Fowl Foolers™ Adhesive, let the burlapped decoy body dry in a well-ventilated area for 24 hours before handling or painting. If using another adhesive brand, follow that brand's specific drying instructions.

Fowl Foolers Decoy Design/Color Schemes

It is recommended to use a primer that is specific for use on plastic surfaces, on the decoy heads before following the topcoat color design schemes. Even if a paint is listed as a paint + primer, many times it are not designed for direct-to-plastic surfaces.

​Customer Creations - Get inspiration!

The beauty of buying premium decoy components is that YOU get to decide how you want to build the product and what you want the end result to look like. While we provide our Fowl Foolers method for building the decoy, we are never surprised when we receive feedback.

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