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New to Fowl Foolers decoy building and/or design? Click here to access the Fowl Foolers Launch Pad for instructions and recommendations on how to build & design our premium decoys.

Created your own design with a Fowl Foolers decoy that you want to show off?

Email pictures to and we will display it on our website for others to see. 

Buy in bulk? Click HERE to view our bulk buy price sheet on production bodies/heads inventory

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decoy kit


All decoy bodies are blank foam bodies, ready to be burlapped or restle coated. Our foam bodies are designed to mimic the movement of waterfowl in water - front to back. Natural movements attract waterfowl! Our foam density is perfect for a great decoy!


Decoy Heads

All decoy heads are sold black, and unpainted. The material is easily paintable though, and each head comes with (2) eyes for you to add after your paint job. Our heads are tough! Roto-molded plastic with 4 studs and one secure molded in screw boss which assures a great attachment and fit. The original molds were carved by an award winning carver. The detail is fantastic!


Decoy Components
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