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Fowl Foolers Launch Pad

Decoy Designs

Painting Instructions

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Painting Tips

It is recommended to use a primer that is specific for use on plastic surfaces, on the decoy heads before following the topcoat color design schemes. Even if a paint is listed as a paint + primer, many times it are not designed for direct-to-plastic surfaces. Follow the instructions of the paint you plan to use. In the past, Fowl Foolers has used Sherwin-Williams Duracraft. The difficulty of using Duracraft for a small amount of heads is that it is only sold in gallons. Sherwin-Williams does offer another exterior paint called Resilience and All Surface Enamel in quarts, both available in water-based latex options. However, even a quart is sometimes too much paint and can get expensive quick if you are in need of 5+ colors. For this reason, we have heard customers having success with getting 8oz color sample containers at Home Depot. Although color sample paints are typically not high quality, if used in conjunction with a bonding or etching primer for use on plastic, we have heard successful results can be achieved. It is of course Fowl Foolers goal to ensure all decoy builders have the tools necessary to complete their decoy designs and more importantly enjoy using them on the water. If you have any further questions regarding painting, please reach out to us at, and we would be happy to provide more guidance/suggestions.   


Regarding the decoy bodies, if using Fowl Foolers adhesive and burlap, due to how porous the material is, topcoat paint sticks great even without a primer. If using a different adhesive, check to ensure paint can stick to the adhesive after drying. Some adhesives are designed so that nothing sticks to them like mold/mildew, etc so paint may have a difficult time adhering.

Fowl Foolers Paint Colors

Fowl Foolers Colors
Sherwin-Williams Color Code/Name
Home Depot Color Code/Name
6825 - Ismir Purple
M560-7 - Muscat Grape
6860 - Eros Pink
P140-5 - Lovebirds
6355 - Truepenny
PPU3-01 - Moroccan Sky
6677 - Goldenrod
PPG1209-5 Yellow Coneflower
2801 - Roodwood Dark Red
PPU1-02 - Divine Wine
6328 - Fireweed
PPU2-02 - Red Pepper
6528 - Cosmos
M530-3 - Perennial Blue
6924 - Direct Green
P390-7 - Park Picnic
2846 - Roycroft Bronze Green
PPG1009-6 - Armory
6193 - Privilege Green
PPG1129-6 - Lottery Winnings
6918 - Humorous Green
P330-7 Luscious Lime
6069 - French Roast
N160-7 Brown Velvet
6061 - Tanbark
N150-5 - French Truffle
6129 - Restrained Gold
S300-4 Flax Straw
7038 - Tony Taupe
PPG1021-4 - Diversion
7018 - Dovetail
PPG1007-5 - Lazy Afternoon
7006 - Extra White
52U - White
6258 - Tricorn Black

Sea Duck - Eider

Eider Drake Body Painting Steps:
     1. Paint entire body WHITE
let dry
     2. Paint semi-circles on each side and back BLACK

Eider Drake Head Painting Steps:
     1. Paint entire head WHITE
     2. Paint entire beak GOLD
let dry
     3. Paint a horizontal dash over each eye BLACK
     4. Paint a horizontal dash under each black dash TAN
     5. Insert Amber Eyes

Eider Hen Body Painting Steps:
     1. Paint entire body TAUPE
let dry
     2. Stipple entire body BLACK, dark on the lower sides

Eider Hen Head Painting Steps:
    1. Paint entire head TAUPE
     2. Paint entire beak BLUE
let dry
     3. Stipple entire head BLACK, darker on the mohawk
     4. Insert Amber Eyes

Sea Duck - Old Squaw

Old Squaw Drake Body Painting Steps:
     1. Paint entire body WHITE
let dry
     2. Paint front BLACK
     3. Paint three long lines across the top BLACK
let dry
     4. Paint thin dashes on the top rear WHITE


Old Squaw Drake Head Painting Steps:
     1. Paint entire head WHITE
let dry
     2. Paint a circle around each eye TAUPE
     3. Paint entire beak BLACK
let dry
     4. Paint a smaller circle behind each eye BLACK
     5. Paint front of beak PINK, leaving the tip black
     6. Insert Amber Eyes

Old Squaw Hen Body Painting Steps:
     1. Paint entire body LIGHT BROWN
let dry
     2. Paint front and lower sides WHITE


Old Squaw Hen Head Painting Steps:
     1. Paint entire head WHITE
let dry
     2. Paint mohawk TAUPE
     3. Paint a dash under each eye BLACK
     4. Paint entire beak BLACK
     5. Insert Amber Eyes