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Fowl Foolers Launch Pad

Waterfowl Kit Building Instructions

1. Cover Decoy Body with Burlap

Step 1.jpg

Dip wood block in adhesive, then insert into body, making sure the block is flush with the bottom of the body.

2. Paint Decoy Head


Check to ensure eye holes are bored. If they are not, use 11/64" bit to bore each eye hole.

3. Paint Decoy Body


Position decoy body on an adequate platform for effective painting. It is easiest to paint the top first and let that dry before painting the bottom.   

4. Add Keel & Head to Body

6 in screw in.jpg

Find the indentation for the head hole located on the underside of the body. Place the keel over the indentation and then screw the 6 in. screw through both. 

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