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Fowl Foolers Launch Pad

Customer Creations

The beauty of buying premium decoy components is that YOU get to decide how you want to build the product and what you want the end result to look like. While we provide our Fowl Foolers method to building the decoy, we are never surprised when we receive feedback on unique modifications and paint jobs that go beyond our workshop. Fellow hunters and collectors love to share their ideas and we love to see what gets created. Get design ideas from current Fowl Foolers customers. If you've created something you would like to share, email and we can add your designs for others to see!


Name: Fowl Foolers Customer

Location: Maryland

Project Description: The customer restle coated his duck decoy for protection and for the perfect texture for fooling the waterfowl.  


Name: Fowl Foolers Customer

Location: USA

Project Description: The customer purchased a DIY decoy kit and designed the color scheme themselves. Looks great!


Name: Travis Wart

Location: Oregon

Project Description: Travis did a great job taking one of our DIY kits and building his sea duck rig. 


Name: Jim Serosynski

Location: USA

Project Description: Jim upgraded with 50-year-old Herter's decoy body with a Fowl Foolers head. 

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