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Burlap Duck Decoys and Goose Decoys

Great Looking on the water, durable & lightweight


burlap pintail duck decoys riding on the water


You can feel the difference with these working American Made decoys. They ride front to back, survive being shot, and last years.

Puddle Duck Decoys

Diver Duck Decoys

Goose & Brant Decoys

Decoy Repair Service

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Herters Decoys

These puddle duck decoys are made with either the small decoy body or the puddle duck decoy body. There are several duck decoy heads to choose from. Mallard decoys are the most popular of this style. Click on the picture of the teal decoys to see all options. Made with either our diver duck body or small duck body. Choose from bluebills, canvasbacks, redheads, and more. Click on the canvasback decoys to see all options. Fowl Foolers goose decoys and brant decoys are made with our large goose bodies. These geese decoys look great and are visible from very far away. Click on the brant decoy to see all options. Fowl Foolers provides a decoy repair service for your old Herters or Restle decoys. Send us your beat up decoys and we can burlap them and repaint them for you. Also available are blank foam bodies and replacement heads. Click on the image for more information.

Super Magnum Decoys

Duck Hunting Gear

Duck Calls & Goose Calls

Sea Duck Decoys

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Wood Duck Call and goose calls

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These super magnum duck decoys are made with our large goose bodies. They will bring ducks to you from very far away. We offer mallards, pintails, and black ducks, but you can contact us for custom super magnums. The patented Fowl Foolers Flapper is a handheld motion decoy which bring the ducks in every time. We also carry leather game straps, decoy anchors, decoy line, and more. Click on the picture of the Flapper to see all options. The Fowl Foolers line of duck calls and goose calls feature wood barrels which give the calls a raspier and more realistic sound. Click the picture of the waterfowl calls to learn more. These sea duck decoys are made with diver duck and small duck bodies, but can also be customized as super magnum decoys. Click on the scoter decoys to see more options.

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Spruce up your living area with beautiful home decor including lamps and coat racks. These also make unique and thoughtful gifts for the waterfowler you know.     Click on the hats for Fowl Foolers apparel including hats, shirts, sweatshirts and more.